About us

Transport of cargo products by river or by sea still remains the cheapest and the most efficient form of transport, while for the transport of large quantities of cargo water transport is also the only possible option.

As one of the leading shipping companies in Serbia, Danube Transport Logistics, has been offering the most efficient service for years primarily in river and sea transport of cargo, but also all other services directly or indirectly in relation to this professional field.

We have been founded in 1999 and we can proudly point out that behind us is a very successful period of operating. So far, we have increased our capacity and spectrum of business activity always certain of our capability.

Our primary fields of professional activities include:

–           River transport

–           Sea transport

–           Vessel and barge chartering

–           Complete ship servicing (maintenance, repair, servicing, agent services, etc.)

–           Tourism and catering on the local rivers: Danube and Sava

On other pages of our website, you can also see lists of various services that we can offer, but always feel free to ask for any additional inquiry or request that you might need. Based on the quantity and type of products, we are ready at any given moment to offer you the most optimal solution for transport; reliable and fast realization and the shortest possible delivery time.

We are ready to do all that is in our power that could be in the interest of our Clients in order to provide safe and high-quality service.

Thanks to the variety and quality of our ships, there are no boundaries for the transport we offer on the Upper and Lower Danube, as well as on Sava and Tisa and other internal water-ways..