Shipping Services

The service of ships- with an aim of more efficient and safer use of shipping objects, we can offer you the services of fleet maintenance (service and repair, support and fixing of the flaws created in the process of objects’ use).

–           The service and maintenance of ships on water (surface)

–           The service and maintenance of ships on shore

–           The repair and maintenance of ship boilers and pipes

–           The repair of coolers

–           The repair and servicing of the ship hull

–           The repair of the electric and electronic equipment

–           The repair and maintenance of the navigational instruments

–           The repair and maintenance of ship reservoirs

–           The repair and maintenance of the equipment for anchorage of ships

–           The  service of isolating

–           The repair of lake, river, channel, port and shore objects

–           General maintenance


Our technical service is available 24h every day.

We are able to offer you organizing of all port services on the Danube, Sava, Tisa and other internal waterways. This includes:

–           The service of reloading of all kinds of cargo

–           The service of loading and discharge of all kinds of cargo

–           The service of scaling all kinds of cargo

–           Storage of all types of cargo (open and closed storage)

–           Services of unloading the containers (loading, unloading, reloading, emptying and filling the containers)

–           Parking service for fleet

–           Service of ship maneuvering (tugging)

–           Other Shipping services


Even though, we became one of the leaders in our main specialty – shipping, the development of our company is also directed to support our clients in the full specter of their needs, and that is the reason why we developed our business to the storage capacities.

As a result of such orientation, we have in our property one concrete silo which is located in Port of Prahovo, (on 861 km of the Danube River). Silo has the capacity of 5,000 t and is in the phase of reconstruction.

Also, we have two mountable-demountable silos, with a capacity of 4,000 t and they can be installed in any location to suit our clients’ needs.

Here you can see a photo of our mountable silo, inside it there is full equipment that is necessary for its properly functioning.